Politics of the Prescription Pad is a working group on the cultural politics of pain management, supported by the Pembroke Center at Brown University. We organize public events and run a reading group on how the management of pain functions across social boundaries, in the hospital and in the home. I built our website and serve as a principle investigator on the grant from Pembroke along with William Page, Sarah Williams, and Fred Schiffman.
The Humanities Podcast Network is a growing collective of instructors, scholars, and independent creators dedicated to the transformative impact of audio media and the human voice. As a founding member, I have worked with my colleagues to build our website, plan an online symposium, and draft an article about podcasting, which was published in Inside Higher Ed.
The Medical Heritage Library is an online collection of open-access resources in the history of medicine. As the Summer 2020 Outreach Fellow, I coordinated an online conference. I wrote the CFP, solicited abstracts, advertised, recorded and edited the Zoom video. For more info see my video about the MHL.
The Electric Text began as a graduate student reading group in the English Department at NYU. We have since taken many forms, including a works-in-progress session and a podcast. The Electric Text website presents a record of our joint intellectual labors.
The Pharmakon was a conference on drugs and literature held on May 3, 2019 at NYU. Defining drugs broadly from psychedelics to antidepressants, birth control to the opiate, the conference addressed the literary effects of pharmacological interventions into the human body. Sari Altschuler delivered a keynote address on "Aesthetics, Anesthetics, & the Problem of Pain."
Farm to Text was a graduate student working group at NYU on literature and agriculture. From Fall 2015 to Spring 2017 we held reading group discussions of texts by Leo Marx, bell hooks, and Wendell Barry among others, and invited speakers including Sonya Posmentier of the English Department at NYU and Frederick Kirschenmann of the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.
Energy and the Left is a annual workshop on energy studies in the History department at NYU. I contributed web design and poster design for the conference, and participated in the initial workshop. The organizers aim to publish the conference proceedings in Historical Materialism.
In June of 2018, I co-organized a panel at The Left Forum conference on Communes and Animals. We brought together literary scholars, historians, and philosophers to discuss the related themes of animal welfare, ecological change, and communal farming.
Theory Biscuits was a graduate student working group that at NYU. We focused on reading the traditional texts of high theory from Heidegger's Being and Time to Lacan's Écrits in ways that would be open to women. These works are often presented in ways that exclude female scholars, socially and politically, and we sought to overturn that trend.